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Vol. LXXII No. 2 
Spring 2012 





* * ■ * 

Alumni, Parents 


and Friends of Bishop's College School 


Spring 2012 

Dear Members of the BCS Community, 


Published by Bishop's College School 
80Moulton Hill Road 
Sherbrooke, QC J1M 1Z8 


As many of you know, BCS' 28 th Headmaster, Ian Watt, resigned his position effective June 
18 th , 2012. BCS is very grateful to Ian for his many contributions, most especially for his 
unique innovations including the Bridge Programme in partnership with Bishop's University, 
and the ground-breaking Grade 1 2 Advantage Programme, which to date has seen 50 offers 
of admission for BCS students directly to Quebec universities. 

On a personal note, I will miss lan's vision, keen insight, sharp intellect and wit, and above 
all the friendship we have forged. However I also understand the reasons behind Mr. Watt's 
decision, which he expressed so well in his letter of resignation. On behalf of the whole 
community, I wish Ian and his family the very best as they move on. 


Judy Hopps 

Our plan is to appoint an Interim Head for the 2012-2013 year. We will then conduct a 
search for a permanent Headmaster who will be in place for the 2013-2014 year. 

Publications mail #40050443 


Stephanie Broadhurst 
Ryan Harding-Marlin 
Judv Hopps 

On a related note, we are both fortunate and grateful that Mr. Will Mitchell, BCS '63, has 
agreed to serve as Senior Advisor to the Board's Transition Committee. Mr. Mitchell is one 
of Canada's most senior and respected leaders in independent schooling. His breadth and 
depth of experience are second to none. Mr. Mitchell was Headmaster of Selwyn House 
School in Montreal for 25 years; he taught at Trinity College School for 11 years and at 
Lower Canada College for 3 years. He is a past President of the Canadian Association of 
Independent Schools (CAIS), the Quebec Association of Independent Schools (QAIS), and a 
past Board Member of the Canadian Educational Standards Institute (CESI). 


Alex Brodeur 
Lyne Harding 
Judy Hopps 
Staff of BCS 

Mr. Mitchell will advise and make recommendations to the Board on all school issues; assist 
with the appointment of the Interim Head; assist with the development of a short term 
strategic plan, providing leadership as required. 

We are embracing this development as an opportunity to continue to strengthen the School's 
enduring foundation, focused as always, on the best interests of our students. 
We will share news with you as it arises. 

ront cover photo by Jam; 

Printed by 

Blanchard Litho 
3 Conley Street 


y&Vp — 

Kurt A. Johnson 
Chairman, BCS Association 



^ ay^ Paper from 

■f responsible sources 

ESS FSC® C005700 




Spring 2012 


Letter to Community from Kurt Johnson, Chairman, BCS Association 

Z. Head's Message: Community and Opportunity Help Nurture Successful Students 

3 Introducing New Board Members: New members elected to the BCS Association Board 

and BCS Foundation Board 

5 A Message from the President of the BCS Alumni Association 

6 BCS' New and Improved Website Now Live! 

8 Ondaatje Expedition 
1Qa Man with a Mission: 

BCS' New Foundation Chair 

Campus Notes: highlights from winter term 
| J_ Alumni Reunions: Alumni Hockey Tournament and Soccer Challenge in Mexico City 

The Fortune Medal - BCS' connection to the Titanic 

1 3 Archival Corner: 
1 3 Milestones 

1 4 1 75 th Anniversary Celebrations: photos from Boston, Bermuda, Mexico City, New York City and Ottawa 

1 6 Class Notes: 

from 1940s to 2009 

Front Cover Photo: 


Jasmine Chouinard, Ryan Harding-Marlin, Tao-Jung (Stephen) Liu, 
Alexander Brodeur, Joey Chan, Lynn Harding 

www. | 1 


Community and Opportunity Help 
Nurture Successful Students 


t is commonly understood that it takes 
a whole community to raise a child. The 
rearing of a child, done properly, is more art 
than science. The same thing can be said for 
students entering a boarding school. Students 
leave the comforts of home to attend a new 
school. For their part, they must decipher what 
it takes to fit in and realize in a short period of time what it 
means to be adopted into a new community. 

BCS students gain a remarkable level of independence and 
maturity. Students understand the challenges they face 
in and out of the classroom - and they also appreciate the 
fulfillment that comes from living and working together with 
classmates who, in a short period of time, become friends, 
almost family. Through shared experiences, relationships 
develop and prosper. 

Healthy school communities are brought together by mutual 
respect, principles and values. That is why we should be 
focused more on personal commitments and responsibilities 
rather than policies and regulations. A fundamental 
component of a strong community is open and honest 
communication. Open dialogue builds relationships and 
those relationships ultimately help define who we are. 

Thefriendshipsthatare developed withinthe BCS community 
are an important part of a student's happiness and well-being. 
These relationships play a major role in one's self awareness 
and growth. Students share a special camaraderie with each 
other at a crucial time in their lives. Life-long connections to 
one another and to the School are formed. 

Through Chapel services, assemblies, practices, games, 
rehearsals, advisor meetings and house activities, we are 
able to promote and cultivate a healthy, social, and ethical 
environment. Our students learn more about themselves as 
they grow together while contributing to life on campus, 
and at the same time, develop the responsibility and skills to 
assist them as they enter university and beyond. Exposure 
to support and adversity fosters confidence and resilience. 

At BCS we take pride in offering a wide range of activities 
that promote a sense of community as we broaden the 
students' view of the world and encourage leadership. These 
opportunities help foster development by blending academic 
excellence, athletic achievement and creative expression with 
opportunities for leadership and community engagement 
both inside and outside the classroom. 

I urge you to read about some of the recent activities under 
Campus Notes section (page 11) 

With the warm spring weather slowly moving upon us, we 
are reminded that the end of the school year is approaching. 
It's an ideal time to take stock and reflect upon what has been 
a busy winter and to consider our great accomplishments as 
a community. 

Be proud BCS! 


Volume XXIX of Inscape has received the "Highest 
Award" from the National Council ofTeachersof English 
and its Program to Recognize Excellence in Student 
Literary Magazines. It is the only magazine in Canada 
to receive this award. 

2 | The BCS Bulletin - Spring 2012 


BCS Association Board 

Linda Rodeck (BCS '81) 
Attended BCS: 

• Form IV to Form VII (1977-1981 

• Followed my older brothers to 
BCS. Couldn't wait to attend. 


• B.A. (History/Art History), McGi 

• MLS, University of Toronto 


• Managing Director, Sotheby's Canada 

Other organizations that you support: 

• Member, Board of Trustees, The McMichael Canadian Art 
Collection, Kleinburg, Ontario 

• Board Member, The Niagara Historical Society and Museum, 
Niagara-on-the-lake, Ontario 

Reason for joining the board: 

• I miss the School, its people and culture. I came to realize 
that this place, BCS, the experiences, the community and 
the education really matter. I couldn't say no to coming on 
board. I have a duty to support the School. 

• I wish to reconnect and reengage relationships. I'm curious 
to know what happened to so many of my peers. I want 

to support the ongoing success and existence of BCS, to 
sustain relationships and build community in order to 
assure its promising future. 

What did your BCS experience instil in you? 

• BCS is a small community. We competed against schools 
that were a lot bigger and had a larger talent pool but we 
often outperformed them. Why? It was expected of you to 
take on challenges, try your best, perform even when you 
didn't think you had it in you. What BCS taught me was 
that there is always a chance to succeed against all odds 
and that the key ingredient of success isn't necessarily 
talent or skill but perseverance, will, determination, spirit. 

What advice would you provide a young BCS student? 

• Try everything! 

Guthrie Stewart (BCS 73) 

Attended BCS: 

• Form IV to Form VI (1969-1972) 

• Wife, Sarah Ivory, alumna (BCS 79) 


• Hons.Sc, (Math and Science) Queen's University, 

• LL.B, York University - 

Osgoode Hall Law School, 1975-1978 

• MBA, INSEAD, 1984-1985 

• External Business Coaching, 
Columbia Business School, 2011-2012 


• Private equity partner at EdgeStone Capital (2001-2007) 

• Telecom executive at Teleglobe and BCE Mobile (1987-2000) 

• Corporate lawyer at Osiers (1980-1986) 

• Currently a member of numerous public and private boards 
(including Chair of Orbit Garant, and Advisor at Tandem 
Expansion Fund, CapAfrica, Optimum Talent) 

• Adjunct Professor at McGill University (Desautels 
Management faculty) 

• Business coach with CDC Coaching 

Reason for joining the board: 

• I value the experience of participating on boards. I was on 
the BCS Foundation Board for several years and wish to 
continue my involvement with this School that gave me so 

• I am fortunate to have had international and global 
experiences throughout my life, both academically and 
professionally. BCS is a wonderful global model. I wish to 
strengthen my association with the School, re-establish 
relationships and build new ones. These are exciting times 
for BCS and I want to be a part of it. 

What did your BCS experience instil in you? 

• As a son of Scottish immigrants living in the Townships, 
the leap to boarding school was quite a transition. For me 
it was exposure to a range of new experiences and people 
that came from quite different backgrounds. The School 
provided me with the ability to seek out new challenges, 
relationships and friendships, and to push myself in areas 

I never considered, such as playing for the School's hockey 
team. BCS instilled confidence and a life long appreciation 
of the importance of teamwork and trusted relationships. 

What advice would you provide a young BCS student? 

• Above all, value the friendships that you make - you are 
lucky to have the social tools to stay in touch easily. 

• As the late Steve Jobs so eloquently stated at the end of 
his commencement speech at Stanford University in 2005: 
"Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. 
Stay Hungry; Stay Foolish!" 

www. | 3 


BCS Foundation Board 

Christy Barlow (BCS '92) 

Attended BCS: 

•Form II to Form VI (1986-1991) 

• BScE (Mechanical Engineering), Queen's University 

• MBA, H EC Paris 


• Equity research, MacDougall, MacDougall, 8t MacTier, Victoria, 
B.C.; Travels extensively to Toronto and Montreal offices 

Reason for joining the board: 

• This is my opportunity to give back to the School that helped 
lay an outstanding foundation for my life. 

• BCS provided me with a great learning environment. The 
wonderful friendships I made there, those years ago, are still 
an important part of my life today. I have lived in many parts 
of the world and no matter where I am, I seem to meet up 
with BCS alumni. 

What did your BCS experience instil in you? 

• One of the best things about BCS is that it provides its 
students with a well-rounded education - challenging them 
academically, athletically, artistically, culturally, and socially. 
BCS provides students with the skills to take advantage of a 
variety of opportunities. 

What advice would you provide a young BCS student? 

• Get to know your fellow students. If I had to name one of the 
greatest realizations since my time at BCS, it would be the 
quality and strength of friendships I developed at the School. 
The people and its community are a strong reflection of the 
School's spirit and prominence. Friends are a key part of the 
day to day life at BCS and these friendships have carried on 
and grown over the years. BCS may be a small school but its 
reach is huge. 

Matthew Kenny (BCS 79) 

Attended BCS: 

• Form III to Form VII (1974-1979) 

• Long legacy at BCS which includes: father, uncles, cousins, 
mother (KHC) and wife, Sigrid Morch (BCS'79) 


• BA (Economics) Queen's University 

• Kenny Investment Advisory Team 

Vice - President, Senior Investment Advisor 

Reason for joining the board: 

• I wish to give back to the place that gave me so much. 
While on the Association Board, I helped develop BCS' 
mission statement which is: "To provide our students with 
a complete education that will lead to success in university 
and in life as contributors and leaders." I wish to continue 
my involvement with the School. 

What did your BCS experience instil in you? 

• BCS instilled leadership qualities in me. I became a leader 
in my peer group and developed interpersonal skills through 
acting. I found my time at the School to be a great character 
building experience. This education and experience provided 
me with the skills to read people, react to people and 
accommodate to others' comfort levels. 

What advice would you provide a young BCS student? 

• The BCS experience distinguishes you from students of 
other schools. Get involved. Take advantage of this great 
opportunity and excel as an individual. You only get out 
what you put into your experience at the School. 

4 | The BCS Bulletin - Spring 2012 


Aaron Patella, BCS f 93 

With more than 7,000 alumni located all over the world, BCS 
Alumni Association is committed to bringing alumni closer 
together than ever, as well as to increase its profile with them. 

As an active member of the Alumni Association for over 10 
years, I am very proud to take on the role of president. Our 
board is working hard to develop new and creative ways to 
better engage our alumni. We want our students, past and 
present, to become ambassadors and advocates for the BCS 
experience and to do that, we must enable them with the 
necessary tools and information. We are also reaching out to 
our students who are soon to graduate, to remind them of the 
strong bonds that exist outside the BCS campus. 

We look forward to everyone's involvement. 
Get in touch with your BCS Alumni Association 
today. Contact Robert Burns, Alumni Relations 
at 819.566.0227, Ext 203 or by email at 

Stay connected. 

The BCS Alumni Association is no longer fixed in space, 
constrained to an office or specific location. Traditionally 
based in Montreal, we are now able to work and communicate 
effectively with other board members any time, anywhere. 
Social media, which includes web-based and mobile tech- 
nologies, that turn communication into interactive dialogue, 
has opened so many doors for us to establish, re-establish and 
build relations, making it possible to be close irrespective of 
distance. We have never been in a better position to build and 
maintain relationships with our alumni community. 

As a self-described technology enthusiast, I have always been 
interested in computers and was one of the first students within 
my peer group to do all my school work on a computer. Since 
those days, I have had an enduring perspective and appreciation 
for the digital world and understand the importance of investing 
time and energy into a digital strategic for alumni. The virtual 
world provides BCS with the ability to better manage all the 
information and contacts out there. 

This year students represent 24 countries, including Canada. 
The BCS alumni community will become more diverse in the 
coming years, so the need to establish and incorporate a strong 
digital strategy has never been more crucial. 

For me, the BCS experience was like being inducted into a very 
special group, for life. BCS really fostered a family atmosphere. 
Even though my friends went off in different directions after we 
graduated, that connection we shared remains alive and strong 
today. I think it has to do with the fact that we shared this 
really unique experience of being part of the BCS community. 
Enduring relationships that span the globe and last a lifetime 
are created and sustained through those shared experiences. 

Please see page 7 to review the Alumni benefits from the 
School's upgraded site for all its constituencies to be better 
served. The BCS Alumni Association will work hard to foster 
a spirit of loyalty and fraternity among our graduates and 
current students in order to advance the interests, influence 
and contribution of the School. 

Become a BCS Ambassador 

^ Do you enjoy talking about your time at BCS? 
^ Would you like to be part of BCS' continued success? 
^ Are you interested in connecting with potential students in your 

Contact Ashli Maclnnis at 
or 819-566-0227 ext.296 to find out how you can be a BCS 
Ambassador in your city. 


www. | 5 


M Bishop's College School 

Have you visited BCS' vibrant new website? The new 
design is attractive, inviting and presents information 
in a clear, easy-to-use manner. "We tried to make 
the most important information very accessible - with just a 
simple click-through," says Ashli Maclnnis, BCS' Director of 
Recruitment and Admissions who managed the creation of the 
new site: 

The site was redesigned to provide easier use, faster access to 
the most relevant School news, and quick links to upcoming 

An integrated team primarilyfromAdmissionsand Advancement 
reviewed the School's entire digital strategy, and solicited 
feedback from students, faculty and staff. Informal discussions 
with parents and alumni helped to better understand the kind 
of information that they wanted in a school website. Research 
was done into other schools' sites to identify components of 
those sites that were most appealing. Tools such as Google 
Analytics were used to identify the pages most read by visitors 
to the site to inform the redesign. 

The new site features a colourful slide show on the home page 
- a big favourite with the School community. "These photos 
allow us to really show off our beautiful campus, our students 
and the BCS experience," adds Ashli. "We are extremely proud 
of what we created together - the end result is a much more 
inviting website and the potential that it holds is the best part. 
There is still so much more that we can do. For instance, a 
better integration with our database for more efficient use of 
time is vital," says Ashli. 

Improved Features 

Some of the new features include much larger images and 
photographs, buttons on the homepage which allow click- 
throughs to the most visited pages, and an easy to use online 

Visitors will now find it easier to navigate the site and to access 
the pages that are the most popular. "More information has 
been added on boarding, and with the Twitter feed, visitors 
know that the site is up-to-date" says Ashli. The BCS site has 
also been linked to other key sites that students searching for 
information on boarding schools frequently visit. 

Online Applications 

Applications to BCS can now be completed online by prospective 
students. The application fee can be paid online as well, and 
scans submitted of all the pertinent admissions documents. 

Students Parents Faculty & Staff Alumni 


► Login Calendar | L D M 


Admissions Study Campus Life Alumni 

Future Plans 

Future plans include: 

• student-driven content where videos showcase the 
many unique aspects of student life at BCS - including 
the international student body, the bilingual community, 
activities and events on and off campus. Work has begun 
on videos in a variety of languages as well as downloadable 
information segments. 

• A portal for parents that will allow them to log into a 
secure page containing pertinent information including 
announcements, important dates and upcoming events. 

• e-newsletter campaigns from the database. "We want to 
create e-newsletters for parents and students as well for 
our partners around the world (agents and consultants). 
This is a very important feature that we have not yet 
utilized to its full potential," says Ashli. 

I 7 




by Ryan Harding-Marlin 

March 9 th - 24 th , 2012 
14 nights/ 15 days 

The 2012 Ondaatje Team of Ryan Harding-Marlin, Tao-Jung 
Lui, Alexander Brodeur and Joey Chan aeeompanied by 
faculty members Jasmine Chouinard and Lynn Harding flew 
out of Dorval on Friday afternoon and landed in Casablanca 
before taking a domestic flight to Marrakesh. In Marrakesh, 
we headed over to our riad (bed ft breakfast) to drop off 
our pack-sacs and head for a walking tour of the city. The 
open market and souks were busy with activities and people 
looking for bargains. Our first meal consisted of a traditional 
Moroccan spread with musicians and dancers. 

The Adventure Begins: 

The following morning we departed early for the heart of the 
High Atlas Mountains, where we would be spending the next 
week hiking and discovering what we were capable of doing, 
individually and as a team. We knew that we could expect a 
minimum of 12 to 16 km of hiking per day, on rugged steep 
terrain with the sun bearing down on us, and the altitude 
potentially causing us difficulties. We were all up for the 

We met u p with our mule team and drivers on the Oukaimeden 
grasslands and soon were off on our life-time journey. We 
hiked for approximately 6 hours the first day, while Joey rode 
the mule for the entire trip (basketball injury prior to the trip). 
We spent the night in a very tiny Berber village of about 3 
houses. The dinner was super and the accommodation was 
modest yet good. 

Our second day of hiking included a very early start, as well 
as passing though many villages along the Anemane valley. 
The villages along the way included: Imsker, Arg, Amssakrou, 
Ikis and Tamguist. At some point along the trail, we reached 
an altitude of 2200m. 

By the time the third day came along, we crossed the 
Tamatert pass (2279m) and entered the valley of Imlil. From 
here, we broke into two teams. Joey, Ryan and Lynn explored 
the village, and got to see how things were made, while Alex, 
Stephen and Jasmine went for an additional hike to the 
waterfalls. Both groups were happy with their discoveries. 
The longest ft toughest days were about to begin... The 
climb was steep, the sun was extremely hot and the altitude 
was starting to take a toll on some members of the team. 
Through persistence and team work - everyone succeeded. 
We had a snowball fight at the edge of one of the trails, 
before heading back down, then up yet another mountain. 
Along the journey, we were able to visit a school, which was 
working on math at the time (to the delight of Mrs. Harding), 
and I got to use the First Aid training I had to help out a 
young boy that had a severe cut on his upper arm that had 
begun to fester. 

8 | The BCS Bulletin - Spring 2012 


We were fortunate to spend time in the valley of Assif 
N'Ouarzane, (part of the Toubkal range) before saying good- 
bye to the team of mule drivers. 

PHASE 2 of our JOURNEY: 

We returned to Marrakesh by mini-van and got to spend the 
remainder of the afternoon and evening visiting Marrakesh, 
specifically the ancient fortified city of Medina. We saw 
many monuments, an old traditional style University, Jamaa 
El Dna square which is now classified as a UNESCO world 
heritage site, the tombs of ancient royalty facing Mecca and 
many more off the beaten path sites. 

Our next phase included a lot of travel by 4x4. We left the 
city for the Dades Valley, Tinerhir, and Erfoud. We saw a sand 
castle in the middle of an almond tree field, Kasbah (another 
UNESCO world heritage site), we walked the length of the 
Dades gorge, visited the Tinehir Oasis and its famous palm 
grove and walked the fields of the local farmers/berber. 

We were very fortunate to spend an afternoon and evening 
at a luxury half-board, where we played 18 holes of mini- 
putt, ping-pong, jumped on the training equipment and 
spent some time in the indoor pool and spa. 

On day 11, we headed to the dunes of Erg Chebbi, after 
visiting local markets, and picking up souvenirs. We got to 
4x4 race in and around the dunes, until we got stuck. We 
dug out each of the two vehicles, emptied our shoes of sand, 
and learned how to wrap a turbin. 

We met with our caravan of dromedary(camels) and guides 
and zigzagged through the dunes until we got to our 
camp, "tent city." We arrived just before sunset, and were 
treated to the most spectacular sight. Mint tea, followed 
by a delicious Berber dinner of stew and breads, music and 
dancing rounded out a terrific day. 

Early the next morning, Alex, Jasmine and Lynn got up early 
to see the sunrise... unlike the three of us, who delayed until 
the last possible moment to get up. Our trip back through 
the dunes was unforgettable. 

PHASE 3 of our JOURNEY: 

We soon headed towards Marrakech, via the Tizi N'tichka 
pass on our way to the white city of Essaouira with its blue 
doors and shutters on the Atlantic Ocean. Our trip was 
winding down, but we savoured our fresh fish & seafood 
lunch, shopped on the side streets, buried Alex in the sand, 
and visited the fortified city that used to stop pirates from 
attacking in its glorious years. 

Overall, the trip, the team, the chaperones, the guides, the 
people we met and especially the Ondaatje Foundation, 
made this trip a worthwhile challenging experience that will 
never be forgotten. 


■L " • l^B 


^!j-«JB ^(^ 

^ ^^J*SEWt?7*^j 

► r ^ ^j^^S^fcl 

www. | 9 


BCS' New Foundation Chair 


As the new Chairman of the BCS Foundation, 
Neil Cunningham (BCS' 77) brings a wealth of 
experience, enthusiasm and commitment to his 
new role. In November 2011, Neil was formally 
installed as the new Foundation Chair. When 
asked why he decided to take on the role at this 
time, he responded honestly, that he was asked 
to do so by Himal Mathew, who had chaired 
the board for several years. "Himal is a strong 
proponent of best practices in corporate governance and felt 
that the time was right to move on. Giving back to the School, 
which has been a significant part of my life, was a major factor 
in accepting the role. I've served on the board for several years; 
however, it was important that I take it on only once I was able 
to devote the appropriate time to the job," says Neil. 

Neil brings much relevant experience to his new position. As 
First Vice President, Real Estate, for the Public Sector Investment 
Board, he is one of Canada's most senior corporate finance and 
investment professionals. His knowledge and background are 
perfectly aligned with his fiduciary responsibilities over the 
Foundation's assets on behalf of its donors. "These are the 
primary roles of the Foundation," explains Neil. "I believe that 
continuity and institutional memory are important for context 
in decision making, so being on the Foundation Board for the 
past several years is helpful. " 

One of the Foundation's primary objectives and its biggest 
challenge is to provide needed financial support to the 
School today while ensuring that the capital entrusted to the 
Foundation will be available for future generations of students. 
Clearly, assisting in capital-raising is part of this. Another 
objective is to stay connected with donors and supporters by 
having members of the Foundation Board actas«ambassadors» 
of the School, working with the School's Advancement and 
Alumni Relations offices. 

Compared to other independent schools in the country, BCS 
has one of the highest endowments, if not the highest, on a 
per student basis. "This demonstrates the strong loyalty and 
affinity of our alumni towards the School - and yet the size of 
the Foundation pales in comparison with similar schools in the 
United States," adds Neil. 

Neil believes that one of BCS' greatest strengths is its campus, 
which is second to none in terms of its setting and beauty, 
and is bolstered by first rate facilities. "Our small size gives 
students the opportunity to participate in any activity or sports 
team, an opportunity they may not have in a larger school. I 
know that I never would have played on several school teams 
and been involved in so many things if I had not been at BCS," 
adds Neil. The strong support from the alumni, financial and 
otherwise, is another key strength. "The large relative size of 
our Foundation allows us to offer significant scholarships and 
financial assistance to many students and allows the School to 
compete effectively for top students." 

To the School's loyal donors, Neil extends his sincere gratitude 
fortheir past supportandfortheir confidence in the Foundation 
to prudently manage their donations, according to their wishes. 
"I would also like to very heartily thank our donors in advance 
for their future and continued support as we move into our 
'Passages' Capital Campaign. We would love to hear from you 
or connect with you when one of us is in your city - donors 
should expect a call or email from a BCS Ambassador," says 

To current and prospective students, Neil expressively states, 
"more than anything, I wish I was your age! You've got a great 
adventure ahead of you. The BCS community will go with you 
where ever you go. Stay connected; don't lose touch with the 
School and with those who you meet here. Participate in events 
with other BCS alumni when you get a chance and remember to 
support your School, the place that plays a big role in preparing 
you for what you will experience after you leave." 

Like many other independent academic institutions in Canada, 
BCS is facing financial pressures related to external conditions 
and internal needs. Neil is undaunted by this. "We are in 
an investment environment where the expected returns are 
quite low. The challenge will be to maintain and increase the 
level of financial support provided by the Foundation to the 
School, while at the same time preserving the capital that has 
been entrusted to the Foundation by our donors. Short of an 
extraordinary positive change in the financial markets, the 
only way to achieve this is through increased donations to the 

It is early in Neil's tenure as Chairman of the Foundation, but 
it's very clear that he is exactly the right person for the job. 
With the help of Foundation Board members and donors, Neil 
is optimistic about the prospects for the Foundation and the 

175 trees planted by students on campus to mark 175 years. 

10 | The BCS Bulletin -Spring 2012 


BCS Model UN Conference Delegation to NYC 

Carnival 2012 

BCS participated in the annual National High School Model 
United Nations conference in New York City from March 7- 
10th. Eight BCS students went to New York well prepared, 
but unsure as to how strongly they would perform when 
faced with three thousand other delegates at the conference. 
The School, as a first time participant, had been assigned to 
represent a small country, Samoa. Normally a small country 
and delegation would have little impact on the proceedings, but 
this proved not to be the case. In the committee sessions, the 
Samoan delegates were often the leaders, proposing policies 
that influenced larger regional and worldwide neighbours. In 
the event, the BCS contingent did extremely well. The students 
who participated in this year's Model UN are: Zachary Lapointe, 
William Downey, Ruichao Zhang, Hector Chavez, Alexander 
Tokarsky, Myung Chan Luke Park, Su Min Sophia Kim and 
Leah Davidson. 

BCS Hockey Season ends with 
Provincial Championship 


team completed 

another great season. 

The team played 60 

hockey games from 

November 8th to 

March 31st. With a 

record of 41 wins and 

19 losses (5 losses in 

shootouts), Coach Stephan Lebeau definitely considers this to 

be a successful season. As a coach, his priority is to make them 

progress as athletes but also as young men. He hopes that they 

will learn and grow from all these experiences both on and off 

the ice. 

All their hard work paid off as they were victorious at the 
Provincial Tournament winning the title for the first time in the 
55-year history of the tournament. 


-j ^WC 

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■ ^FB 



i j 

On February 8 th and 9 th the School was completely consumed 

After much anticipation, the Battle of the Ages theme for this 
year's Carnival was revealed and the activities were underway 
with GREAT enthusiasm. Once again, this year's Carnival was a 
big hit among students, faculty and staff. 

The House Teams for this year's event included: 

Gillard- Wild Wild West /Cowgirls 
Glass - Egyptians 
Grier North - Samurai / Ninjas 
Grier South - Knights / Medieval 
McNaughton - Gladiators / Romans 
Ross Boys - Caveman / Barbarians 
Ross Girls- Pirates 
Smith -Tribes 
Williams -Vikings 

BCS Hosts Anderson-Bailley Basketball Tournament 

On February 17-19, BCS hosted the 
Anderson-Bailly Basketball Tournament for 
small schools. The boys team played against 
Quebec High School in the finals and won the 
tournament. CongratulationstoRumsha Khan 
and Kevin Wu who were named tournament 
All-Stars, and to Keiran M c Cormick for being 
named tournament MVP. 

The girls team played hard but narrowly 
missed advancing to the finals. They finished 
the tournament in third place. 

To all teams, coaches, timers, and fans, well 
incredible weekend of basketball. 

University of Waterloo Math Contest 

Nine BCS students received certificates from the recent 
University of Waterloo Math competition. Certificates are given 
to those students scoring in the top 25% of their grades. The 
following top students in each grade from BCS also received 
medals: Grade 9: Jiayue Zhu, Grade 10: Leong Si and Grade 
11: Luke Park. Approximately 62,000 students, grades 9-11, 
from 1,400 schools across Canada participated in this year's 

1 • /U T- ' 

rJT ^f 

Em : ft 

i|QHB3 3 1 


done! It was an 

Cody Bean was named 
tournament MVP. 

B ^ 1 ^fl 

mr ^^^^fc J ^^^^r^^^^fct- ^hh y*\J| 

T T^T^T 

frfl ■_^-H 


H^H Iei 

www. | 11 


Mexico City Soccer Challenge 

On Saturday, February 25, 2012, the first ever Mexico City 
Soccer Challenge was held between BCS Mexican Old Boys and 
Stanstead College Mexican Old BoysatUniversidadAnahuacSur. 
The BCS team, ably coached by Major David Turner, consisted of 
11 Old Boys from 1972 to 2011. It was a fast paced game and 
the BCS squad led the game until one of their players suffered 
an ankle injury. With only 10 players, they played valiantly but 
lost in the final minutes when Stanstead scored the winner to 
break the 2-2 tie. Final score - Stanstead College 3 Bishop's 
College School 2. 

A special thanks to Santiago Moctezuma (BCS' 94), Carlos 
Moreno Flores (BCS'05 ), Antonio Vilches (BCS'96 ) and Jose 
Zazueta (BCS'97) for all their efforts in organizing this historic 
event. Everyone is keen to make this an annual one. 






j* 1 






^«- v 


Alumni Hockey Tournament 

March 2 ft 3, 2012, Memorial Rink (Lennoxville) 

The Annual Alumni Hockey Tournament took place on Friday 
and Saturday, March 2 and 3, 201 2 at Memorial Rink with fifty- 
nine Old Boys competing in this year's tournament. Six teams 
played a total of 19 games that started on Friday evening and 
concluded around 6:00 p.m. on Saturday. Congratulations to 
the Young Ducks who were victorious over the Mushmen 7-2 
in the tournament final. The tournament was followed by a 
mechoui hosted by the dads of the BCS Bears 1 st team. The 
dinner was one of the fund raising initiatives that enabled the 
Bears Senior Hockey team to travel to Europe during Spring 

"Un gros merci" to the following who helped make the 2012 
Alumni Hockey Tournament a success: 

Neil Cunningham (BCS'77) for again organizing the tournament 
and the team captains (David Stenason BCS'75, Kurt Johnson 
BCS'84, Pierre-Luc Fournier BCS'03, Mathieu Brodeur BCS'96, 

Martin Lamoureux BCS'91 and Jordan Lefebvre BCS'09) for 
rallying their teams. 

Jeff Bray for making sure that ice time was available, organizing 
referees and refereeing games, putting together the rosters and 
kept the tournament running smoothly. 

Judy Gillam and staff for ensuring that food, water and 
Gatorade were in plentiful supply during the tournament. 

A special thanks to Mr. Patry who supplied all the food for the 

12 | The BCS Bulletin -Spring 2012 


The Fortune Medal 

There wasa lot of talk leading uptothe 100th Anniversary of the 
sinking of the RMS Titanic. For those who may have received 
the 'Fortune Medal', the Senior Boys' All Round Athletic Award, 
here is a brief story about the medal. 

This medal is named for Charles A. Fortune, a BCS Old Boy 
from Winnipeg, Manitoba who excelled at sports and became 
Head Prefect for the school year 1910-11. His parents were 
so pleased with his BCS career that they planned a gift to him 
- a trip to Europe with them in the Spring of 1912, returning 
on the maiden voyage of the great ship, Titanic. Charles 
accompanied his father, mother and sisters. They had first 
class accommodations on the luxury ship and when, in the wee 
hours of April 14th, as the ship was sinking, his mother and 
sisters were put onto life boats, he and his father remained 
behind, perishing in the icy abyss. 

You might want to take a moment to think about him and his 
sacrifice that cold night - giving up his place on a lifeboat for 
another. The medal is given at graduation every June. 

A special thanks to the following who have donated 
photos to the Archives: 

Mrs. J.V. Rogers, widow of Victor Rogers BCS'49 donated 
team photos from the late 40's to the Archives. 

Bradley Seager BCS'47 donated a number of photos of his 
time at BCS as well as when he served as a Junior Director 
at the School in the 60's. 

If you have old photographs of any aspect of BCS, please 
contact our Archives Department. 


Ernest (Ernie) Dawes LeMessurier 

(BCS'48) passed away peacefully 
at the age of 82 on Monday, 
March 5, 2012 at St. Joseph's 
Auxiliary in Edmonton, Alberta. 
Ernie is survived by his wife, Mary; 
his four children Willa (Paul), 
Jill (Terry), Tim (Tammie) and Andrew (Kathleen); and six 
grandchildren Alexandra, Cameron, Joshua, Olivia, Peter and 

Lady Margot ("BeauB" Beaubien) Baillie (KHC'51) died 
peacefully in London after a short illness on March 9, 2012. Her 
son, Sir Adrian Baillie wishes to share this information with her 
friends, classmates, and professors of Bishop's College School. 

Richard Hermon (BCS'65) Died suddenly 
d and peacefully in his sleep on Friday, 

November 25, 2011. Survived by his loving 
wife Susan (nee Sweeney) and children 
^ V k. Julia, Brian (BCS'03) and Katharine. Richard 
was a kind, compassionate and gentle 
person, a Renaissance man with a passion 
for history, art, architecture, and antiques, 
from old postal scales to pewter teapots. He loved mogul skiing, 
his log cottages and his dog. Above all he was utterly devoted 
to his family, for whom he had a constant supply of wisdom, 
support, quirky humour and love. He was and always will be an 
inspiration. Please visit the BCS Alumni in profile on the BCS 
website for a tribute to Richard. 

Victoria May Stewart (KHC'65) 
Peacefully, with her family by her 
side, Vicki Stewart passed away 
on Monday, March 5, 2012 at the 
age of 64. Daughter of the late 
David Macdonald Stewart and 
Rita McMenemy of Montreal, Vicki 
leaves behind her cherished family including daughters Vanessa 
Woods (Peter), British Columbia, and grandchildren Abby, Becky 
and Ginger and daughter Melani Schielie (Ron) of Florida and 
grandchildren Meghan and Noah. She will be missed by sisters 
Diana, Catherine Hiess (Joe), Elizabeth (Bev) and brother David. 
A sister, Roberta, predeceased her. A naturalist, an avid historian 
and founder of Wolfe Island Historical Society, Vicki loved her 
home (Buttercup) on Wolfe Island, tending her gardens and 
working on various projects for her community. It was from 
her late father that Vicki developed a passion for her Canadian 
heritage. A tireless worker, she organized the 1985 5th North 
American Fur Trade conference in Montreal which, for the 
first time, included participation on the part of the Mohawks 
of Kahnawake. In 1986, Vicki became the guardian of these 

John B. Kaine (BCS'67) Peacefully passed away on January 18, 
2008 from brain cancer. Survived by his wife Wendy-Lee Fiset, 
his sons Bradley and Tyler, his sister Brenda (Steve) and his 
brothers Tony (Yvonne) and Charles. 

www. | 13 

201 2 has been a busy one thus far for Louise Moses, Chair of the 
175 th Anniversary Committee. Below are a number of photos 
from events held in Boston, Bermuda, Mexico City, New York 
City and Ottawa. A special thank you to our hosts: Diana Et 
Fraser Blakely (Boston); Claudia Et George Wardman (Bermuda); 

Antonio Vilches (Mexico City), Nicholas Lomasney Et Pierre 
Georges Roy (New York City) and Norah Et Douglas Patriquin 
and Matt Et Sigrid Kenny (Ottawa) for their warm hospitality 
and providing BCS alumni, parents, past parents and friends 
with an opportunity to renew their ties with the School . 

14 | The BCS Bulletin -Spring 2012 

Upcoming 175 Events 

August 12 th - St. Barth's - Lorient Beach 
September 19 th - Toronto - Barberian's Steakhouse 

www. | 15 



Paul Almond (BCS'48) McArthur ft Company, the prestigious 
Canadian publishing house, released his third book in the 
Alford saga: THE PIONEER. It is available from Amazon. ca 
and It is also available as an e-book for 
iPad, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, etc. His second book in the series, 
"THE SURVIVOR" was released in June 2011. lambik Audio, a 
Montreal company, released "The Deserter" as an audio book 
narrated by Paul and is available at 
The Alford saga is a series chronicling 200 years of Canadian 
history, as seen through the eyes of a settler's family. 


Robert R. Fowler (BCS'62) received the Officer of the Order 
of Canada award for his contributions as a public servant and 
diplomat in January 2012. 

Giles Walker (BCS'63) published an autobiographical account 
of his time at BCS (1957-63) during the reign of terror of 
the Reverend Harold Theodore Gibson Forster. "Wake Me in 
the Morning", released in October 2011, recounts his 30-year 
mission to unmask Forster for what he really was. His book is 
available at selected Montreal bookstores, at in 
paperback or eBook or at for $20 + $5 
for shipping and handling. 

Tim Jones (BCS'66) has joined CHATS-Community ft 

Home Assistance To Seniors ( as their 

Director of Development so if you or your company 

wish to support Seniors and their caregivers in York 

Region and South Simcoe I'm hoping to hear from you! 

I am also in my 4 th year with Neighbourhood Network, a Magna International 

initiative started by Belinda Stronach to facilitate 

volunteering in our local communities. 


Scott Goodson (BCS'81), founder and Chairman of 
StrawberryFrog recently launched a new book, "Uprising: How 
to Build A Brand -and Change the World - By Sparking Cultural 
Movements". About the book .... There's a cultural movement 
gathering steam in the marketing world right now and, funnily 
enough, it has to do with... movements. Large marketers have 
recently begun to shift some of their marketing focus to find 
ways to connect with cultural movements that are happening 
throughout the globe, and create strategies that go way beyond 
traditional advertising in terms of connecting with people and 
their passions. 

world by sparking cultural movements' explains how brands 
can become part of something that is changing the advertising 
industry as we know it. A portion of the book sales will be 
donated to Nanhi Kali - Educate Girls 

Nelson Morales-Bello (BCS'86) I am (and so is my whole 
family) huge BCS fans. I can honestly tell you that for me, 
my years at BCS were great years. The friendships that I built 
while at BCS remain strong to this day, and I draw upon what I 
experienced at school for many aspects of my life. 

Thank you again and I look forward to visiting the school in 
the near future. I heard rumors that maybe Old Boys football 
would make a comeback, that would be great, I would love to 
put on some pads again, hahaha. 

Girls in 
5. Cobbott, 
C. James, K. 
Marten (class 
of 1986) 

J. Huggett, 
K. Velan, D. 
and F. Grenier 
(classes of '85 
a '86) 


Oliver Drake (BCS'94) After some years in France and the UK, 
my partner Kate and I decided to "come home" to be closer to 
immediate family. So far so good. We brought our boy Finn with 
us - who's currently 2 and a half years old - and we're enjoying 
a semi-rural life up in the Gatineau hills, near Wakefield QC. I'm 
making furniture and funny looking kitchens for former high 
school band mates (IP. '94.. .we rocked it!) and occasionally 
collaborating with Kate, who is a potter/chef/wonder mom. 
Aspirations include a big vegetable garden and affording 
decent disability insurance. 

This type of 'Movement Marketing' is the new way forward for 
anyone trying to gain market share and earn customer loyalty. 
Beyond that, it can provide a way for businesses to connect 
more deeply and maybe even be part of something worthwhile. 
This is where 'Uprising: How to Build a Brand and Change the 

Elisabeth Morad (BCS'96) is a stylist and costume designer 
for the motion picture and film industry in Montreal. She was 
interviewed by Sophie St-Laurent and is featured in "Paroles de 
Stylistes", Chatelaine Octobre 2011. 

16 | The BCS Bulletin -Spring 2012 



Colin Standish (BCS'04) is one of the English-speaking 
law students at Universite Laval who are bringing back the 
university's student-run law review. The Revue juridique des 
etudiants et etudiantes de I'Universite Laval has the distinction 
of highlighting work done by undergraduate and master's level 
law students. He was interviewed on CBC in February about 
this project. 

Christiana Fizet (BCS'05) recently wrote: "While I would love 
to attend the alumni reception in Ottawa I currently live in 
Dublin, Ireland where I am completing my MA. 
Apart from the rain it's a beautiful country and the Masters 
program has been wonderful. 

I move back to Canada end of May. I saw that the BCS Toronto 
Reunion will be taking place in September. Count me in for that. 
I'll be into my next education adventure, attending teacher's 
college at the University of Toronto so as to become a History 
and Political Science secondary level teacher." 

Hai-Long Nguyen (BCS'06) I can't believe it has already been 
6 years! After BCS, I joined the Canadian army reserves where 
I learned a lot about myself and my limits (In retrospect, I have 
to thank daily crease at BCS for being able to survive boot 
camp!). While employed full-time during summers, and part- 
time during the academic year, I completed my DEC in Health 
Sciences at Marianopolis College in Montreal in 2008. 

I then moved on to Software Engineering at Concordia University 
as a co-op student where I worked during summers at Ericsson, 
Research In Motion, and currently still employed at InterDigital 
Communications in the wireless and telecommunications 

I recently finished my last exam, received my engineering 
iron ring (see picture below, yay!), and I am waiting for the 
graduation ceremony in June! From there I'll be moving on to a 
permanent engineering position at Morgan Stanley in Montreal 
where I will start my career. My short term goal is to either 
become a Software Project Manager or work for myself and 
create my own start-up company. 

So that's it! Continuous work, often lived on spaghetti-only 
diet, but it has all finally paid off. 

I appreciate you asking as it was perfect timing for me to reflect 
back as I'm about to graduate. Please do give a word for me and 
say hi to any remaining teachers from 2006 and before. I do 
hope I can drop by some time to revisit my roots. 

Juan Pablo Huerta (BCS'06) wrote: "I attended the recent 
reception in Mexico City — I couldn't miss it for anything in 
the world. It was really nice seeing and catching up with good 
old friends. Also meeting new faces and learning about their 
experience at BCS was really exciting and made me realize just 
how important for each and everyone of us was that time we 
spent there. I had a great time and I will be looking forward for 
more events such as this one." 

Hai-Son Nguyen (BCS'07) Since BCS, I attended Marianopolis 
College in Montreal and graduated in commerce, and 
managed to get onto the Deans List as well. I then pursued my 
undergraduate studies at McGill University, where I just finished 
all my exams 4 days ago and expect to graduate in June. In the 
meantime, I've been also working in the Canadian Forces as an 
Army communications systems specialist every summer, and 
part time throughout the academic year. I recently received my 
promotion to the rank of Master Corporal. Congratulations 

Brandon Wickens(BCS'09) is currently shooting the biggest film 
project of his young career. He has the role of squadron leader 
Capt. Ben Davis in a Discovery Channel production. The working 
title is "Air Aces", and it's a project about the famed Tuskegee 
Airmen from the WWII American air force. George Lucas 
recently made a film called "Red 7a/7s"about this squadron and 
in 1995 Capt. Davis was played by Andre Braugher in a made 
for TV movie, The Tuskegee Airmen. Brandon thinks this will air 
in the late fall on Discovery or History channel. 


If you are the owner or know the 
owner of the ring in the photo 
- initials G.S.M. inscribed on inside 
from the class of 1975-76 - please 
contact Robert Burns in the Alumni 
Office. | 17 

21 st Annual Alumni, Parents and Friends Golf Tournament 

JJBFIffie-t -nj-ia 




n 1 


Bishop's College School would like to invite all Old Boys, Old Girls, parents and friends to 
our Homecoming kickoff event at Manoir des Sables Golf Club at the base of Mont Orford 
for an exciting afternoon of golf, great food, and great friends. 

$125 Single golfer fee includes golf, cart, 

and 4-course dinner 
$45 Dinner only 

Dress Code: Golfing attire required 
(Bermuda-length shorts 
or long pants, collared shirts, 
soft spikes) 

FORMAT: Four-person Vegas 

11:00 a.m. Registration 

12:00 p.m. First groups tee-off 

6:00 p.m. Dinner and prizes 

To register by phone # contact Susan Cook at 819.566.0227 X209 
or by e-mail at 

Lead Sponsor 

MacDougall, MacDougall & MacTier Inc. 

Service to investors since 1849 

Sponsorships available at Gold, Silver and Bronze levels. 
Contact R. Burns at 819-566-0227, x 203 for details. 


Bishop's College School 

P.O. Box 5001 

Succ. Lennoxville 

Sherbrooke (Quebec) JIM 1Z8